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Preschool Philosophy

Statement of Philosophy

We at Canley Heights Public School Preschool believe in providing a warm, encouraging, and friendly, nurturing, environment where children feel safe to explore their world, develop their independence, enjoy new experiences and have a sense of belonging. Our philosophy is based around the Early Years Learning Framework of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

We believe that children are capable and competent learners, who are supported on their journey to become active participants in their own learning. We believe in catering for the individual needs and abilities of each child, by providing a wide variety of meaningful learning experiences based on their interests and prior experiences both within and outside the centre. We strive to develop their sense of being through encouraging the development of positive relationships with their peers and educators. We organise the preschool environment to encourage children to take age-appropriate risks and engage in learning experiences that develop persistence, curiosity and opportunities to experience success. We recognise that children learn and develop at their own pace, and contribute to decision-making.

We believe that the educators at Canley Heights Public School Preschool play a vital role in supporting children on their journey to becoming independent lifelong learners. We value the skills and knowledge that each staff member brings with them and are committed to reflective practice and engagement in ongoing professional development. Our play-based curriculum incorporates extensive opportunities for students to develop their literacy and numeracy skills, through both child and teacher-led learning experiences. We support students to develop positive learning dispositions, such as persistence, cooperation and resilience through explicit teaching and modelling. We work closely with teachers and staff in the K-6 setting to support strong transition practices that prepare children for school.

We recognise that parents are the child’s first teacher. We actively create an encouraging environment where parents feel welcome to openly communicate with staff regarding their child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual developmental needs. We see families as a valuable resource and encourage them to become a partner in their child’s learning through sharing their knowledge and culture. We believe that our preschool belongs to the children, families and educators, and should reflect and celebrate the diversity of our families’ cultural heritage. Collaborative decision making develops and expands children’s curiosity through meaningful play in a happy and stimulating environment. We support families by providing guidance on child development and how children learn through play.

Reviewed March 2024.