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Religion and ethics

NSW public schools offer special religious education and special education in ethics, delivered by approved providers wherever available.

During enrolment, you can choose a special religious education option for your child from the school’s available approved providers. You can withdraw your child from special religious education by selecting alternative meaningful activities, or special education in ethics if it’s available.

You can update your preference by writing to the school or through the online form available at participating schools.
Visit the department’s website for more information about religion and ethics. 

Canley Heights Public School currently offers Catholic and Buddhist Special Religious Education (SRE) to our students. These classes take place on Thursdays for 30 minutes at different times throughout the day. Students attend the classes appropriate to their grades.

  • Students already attending these classes continue each year unless the school is notified in writing that a parent or carer no longer wishes their child to attend.
  • A parent or carer may withdraw or change their child’s SRE participation or nomination at any time.
  •  Parents and carers who wish their child to begin attending SRE classes need to fill out and return the Participation Note to the school.
  •  The school is responsible for student behaviour management and duty of care, including for student supervision, health, safety and wellbeing, during SRE. Schools intervene in cases where it is necessary to maintain good order and conduct.
  •  In the allocated time/s set aside for SRE, students not attending are provided with supervised alternative meaningful activities. This could include reading, private study or completing homework. No new topics of learning are introduced at this time.
  • SRE providers will make available the lesson content to parents and carers if requested.