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At Canley Heights Public School, students will engage in the study of History for two terms each school year. The aim of the History syllabus is to stimulate students’ interest in and enjoyment of exploring the past, to develop a critical understanding of the past and its impact on the present, to develop the critical skills of historical inquiry and to enable students to participate as active, informed and responsible citizens.

Students are provided with opportunities to:

  • develop knowledge and understanding about the nature of history and key changes and developments from the past
  • develop knowledge and understanding about key historical concepts and develop the skills to undertake the process of historical inquiry.

Students are provided opportunities to value and appreciate:

  • history as a study of human experience
  • the opportunity to develop a lifelong interest in and enthusiasm for history
  • the nature of history as reflecting differing perspectives and viewpoints
  • the opportunity to contribute to a democratic and socially just society through informed citizenship
  • the contribution of past and present peoples to our shared heritage.